What We Do

We are a team of in-house and freelancer comedy/observational writers who provide a human voice to Twitter accounts.

We produce original Tweets that engage and attract followers.

Our writers create a fictional character who tweet from the brand account and appear to be the person responsible for the Twitter account. They engage with followers. They interact. They amuse and surprise and lend the account a genuine human voice.

The short-term aim is for Tweets to stand out in a busy timeline and for Twitter users to actively look out for the content each day. In the long term, brands can push their own content, offers etc. secure in the knowledge that people will still follow the account and see the brand adverts as a fair exchange for the engaging content.

Many brand managers view Twitter success solely in terms of numbers of followers. But for many users of Twitter, if tweets are boring they may not unfollow; they will simply ignore the tweets. As you know, a brand can have many thousands of followers and still have little impact on its followers.

For us, success is ‘measured’ by @replies, re-tweets and the overall interactivity of the account. Our writers interact with followers in a pleasant and friendly manner, always maintaining a positive image of the brand or company.

To keep costs fixed our writers spend just one hour per day on the account, although this hour may be spread out over the course of a day, depending on circumstances. This is enough time to compose tweets and engage with an audience.

We are also able to monitor each account, provide monthly reports and give any PR/Social Media company peace of mind that the account is in capable hands as well as providing top quality content that will spread around the twittersphere and that may get attention from online and offline media outlets.

Promoted Tweets

Twitter recently announced they would be introducing paid advertising. It already appears in search results but the plan is to roll out the concept into user’s timelines. However according to Twitter tweets are going to have to be good. “There is one big difference between a Promoted Tweet and a regular Tweet. Promoted Tweets must meet a higher bar—they must resonate with users. That means if users don’t interact with a Promoted Tweet to allow us to know that the Promoted Tweet is resonating with them, such as replying to it, favouriting it, or Retweeting it, the Promoted Tweet will disappear.”

This suggests any brand wanting to get involved in paid avertising on Twitter needs to have an established account with a loyal following. Money spent now in building up that customer base could save companies huge expenditure over the long term.

If you require an organic Twitter account to either spread your promotions naturally or want to be established to ensure promoted Tweets get promoted in the most cost effective way then get in touch.

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