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"Neither myself or Greg are particularly photogenic."

Big Carlos

The Big Carlos concept began in 2009 as a way of bringing together brands and comedy/drama writers. As more and more writers used Twitter on a daily basis as a means of expression and communication, brands at the same time where looking for a voice in the new medium that would attract followers, push sales and engender a warm resonance and recognition by outsourcing Twitter accounts.

Dave Allan

Dave focuses on achieving high levels of client service and delivering a product aimed at taking any worry out of running a brand Twitter account.

His hands-on monitoring approach ensures each brand’s Twitter account delivers the right balance between playful inventiveness and innate marketing messages.

Dave makes sure the comedy/drama writers can focus on their role without the needs to involve themselves in any day-to-day administration of Twitter accounts, freeing them up to concentrate on their strengths – entertaining people and being a valuable member of the Twitter community.

Having worked in search engine optimisation (SEO) since 2000, Dave moved to work in Online PR in early 2008 with and quickly discovered it is the power of conversations through social media that can move brands forward. He founded in 2009.

Greg Stekelman

Greg handles and writes many of the flagship Big Carlos accounts as well as sourcing and talent spotting comedy and observational writers suitable for corporate Twitter brand accounts.

Writer, illustrator and worker bee, Greg’s work includes a highly successful website, a novel in 2006 entitled A Year in the Life of TheManWhoFellAsleep and one of the most popular niche UK Twitter accounts @themanwhofell.

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